What has hands but cannot clap riddles? (2024)

What can clap but doesn't have hands?

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The most possible answer to this riddle could be "an echo."

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What has two hands but Cannot clap who I am?

Answer: A clock has hands but cannot clap.

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What has a face and hands but Cannot clap or smile?

Answer: What has hands and a face, but can't hold anything or smile? Answer: A clock.

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What is not alive but has 5 fingers?

Therefore, the right answer of this riddle is a glove which is not alive but have five fingers.

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What animals have the clap?

After all, seals are famous for performing this behaviour in zoos and aquaria. However, there is a crucial difference: whereas captive animals (usually fur seals or sea lions) have been trained to clap for our entertainment, grey seals do so in the wild and of their own accord. So why do they do it?

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What can run but not walk?

talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never. sleeps? Answer: A River!

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What has a face but can't smile?

Riddle: What has hands and a face, but can't hold anything or smile? Answer: A clock.

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What has a hand but no finger?

Answer: Clock is the answer .

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What has two hands but no feet?

A clock.

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What has a tongue but can't talk?

Riddle. What has a tongue but cannot talk, gets around a lot but cannot walk? Answer: Shoe.

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What has 88 keys?

The piano is made up of 88 keys, 52 are white and 36 are black. This is what the piano keyboard looks like in its 88 keyed form.

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What can fly but no wings?

"Time" is the response to the riddle "what flies without wings." Now it seems like a really simple puzzle. The best riddles all seem to be so straightforward and simple once the solutions have been found. It is very clear that time is the thing that can fly without wings.

What has hands but cannot clap riddles? (2024)
What has 13 hands but no organs?

A: A deck of playing cards.

Do any animals have 6 fingers?

My colleagues and I recently found yet another unique specialisation that sets the aye-aye apart from other primates: a sixth finger on each hand. Previously undocumented, this tiny extra digit - called a “pseudothumb” - is a structure on each wrist made of bone and cartilage.

What are 3 fingered animals?

All sloths have three digits on their hindlimbs; the difference is found in the number of digits on the forelimbs; thus they are sometimes referred to as three-fingered sloths.

What animal has 5 fingers and a thumb?

Primates have five fingers on their hand and five toes on their feet. Most species have fingernails instead of claws and they have touch-sensitive pads on each of their digits. The hands and feet of all primates, except for humans, are designed for grasping.

Is there different types of clap?

Types of clapping👏👏👏

Fireworks Clap, Money Clap, Coffee Clap, DJ Clap, Rodeo Clap, Roller Coaster Clap are the types of clapping we are going to to learn about today What is clap...

What can I use instead of clap?

  • slap.
  • smack.
  • knock.
  • hit.
  • punch.
  • bang.
  • slam.
  • strike.

What is silent clapping called?

Silent applause is also known as 'Deaf applause' or 'visual applause'. The beginning of silent applause is uncertain but it is believed to have reemerged at different times and in different backgrounds.

Do monkeys clap their hands?

Hand clapping has previously been reported only for captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). There, chimpanzees have been seen to clap hands in the context of potential food availability to attract the attention of humans1, 2 and as a gesture during play3.

What is the fastest clap?

The Guinness World Record was broken by 20-year-old Dalton Meyer, who clapped 1,140 times in a minute, or 19 claps per second. The most claps in a minute is 1,140, and was achieved by Dalton Meyer in Geneseo.

What does 7 claps mean?

7 Claps: Great idea! Mediocre writing. 8 Claps: Lame idea. Humdrum writing.

Why snap instead of clap?

Swapping snapping for clapping might have originated in Roman times but gained popularity with poetry readings in the 1960's. Some sororities are fond of the method, too. The snapping at poetry readings, was used to signify appreciation for the poet.

What is the clap slang for STD?

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria. It is sometimes known as 'the clap'.

What is clap rhyme?

ab, bab, cab, crab, dab, drab, fab, flab, gab, grab, jab, lab, mab, nab, rab, scab, slab, stab, tab.

What is soul clapping?

What's a soul clap? Soul clapping is the shared and improvised rhythm-making by a collective—usually at church, at a party (particularly a basement dance party, or, perhaps, hole-in-the-wall juke joint), or at a sporting event affiliated with a traditionally Black high school, college, or university.

What is the Deaf way of clapping?

It involves waving both hands by the sides of your body, around shoulder/face height. The action was created not only because deaf people wouldn't be able to hear clapping, but also because people often clap their hands in their laps or at waist level, which isn't always easy to see.

What is clapping music called?

Palmas is a handclapping style which plays an essential role in Flamenco music. It used to help punctuate and accentuate the song and dance. Good palmas can be a substitute for music, such as in the corrillo at the end of a show.

Why do monkeys kiss?

However, our closest relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos, do kiss. Primatologist Frans de Waal of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, has seen many instances of chimps kissing and hugging after conflict, according to BBC. For chimpanzees, kissing is a form of reconciliation. It is more common among males than females.

How do monkeys kiss?

While they do kiss with their lips, their smackers are narrower and don't turn out like ours do. Researchers speculate that this anatomical difference could mean that kissing for chimps is not particularly intimate, but rather an expression of connection like the human hug.

Do monkeys like to kiss?

Answer and Explanation: Monkeys do not kiss. Researchers have found that some humans, chimpanzees, and bonobos do kiss, but no other animals are known to kiss for romantic reasons.


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